Asian/Asian Pacific American Students' Coalition


What is AAPASC?
Asian / Asian Pacific American Students' Coalition

The Asian/Asian Pacific American Students' Coalition (AAPASC) celebrates APA heritage and culture at ASU through various events. We hope these events can bring the APA students together, and help strengthen the APA community and culture here at ASU.

AAPASC's mission is to create and maintain an inclusive community that celebrates Asian Pacific American heritage and diversity on campus. We provide educational, social, and cultural programs to engage APA students along with the greater University community.

We welcome everyone to join our events. We hope to see you at one!


Executive Board

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Emily Kwon
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Vice President

Kevin Ho
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Grad Student Rep

Candice Chen
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Jennifer Nguyen
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Marketing Director

Xena Baza
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Marketing Director

Alicia Phan
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Kevin Bi
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Wanda Sihanath
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Outreach Chair

Angela Hemesath
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Advocacy Chair

Katlyn Chang
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Head Intern

Rachel Hom
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Arlen Dean

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